About Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Rudy the town Roadrunner

Rudy is a Roadrunner that inhabits the grounds in and around Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn. Sure to delight, Rudy can often be seen rushing on his way through the streets and yards of the upper Historic Loop in Eureka Springs.

Rudy the Roadrunner

Roadrunners are long legged birds known for their rapid gait, able of reaching speeds of 15 miles an hour or more. Capable of flight, they spend most of their time on the ground scurrying about.

Recognizable by their long dark tails, Roadrunners are dark on their beaks, heads & backs, and are pale on the front of their necks and bellys.

Living in the Southwestern United States and Mexico Roadrunners feed on insects, small reptiles , rodents , tarantulas , scorpions and small birds.