History of Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn Eureka Springs, Arkansas

In late 1901, the Sisters of Mercy opened The Hotel Dieu on Fairmount Street and Father Peter Mazaret was appointed as their Chaplain. He also became the resident Pastor of the mission church.

Father Mazaret was taken by surprise by the appointment. He hastened to write the Bishop Fitzgerald humbly requesting a return to his post at the infirmary in Little Rock because he stated that the congregation at "The Springs" was small and could not afford to support a priest.

The frame church was too far out of town and over the years the corrosive rainfall made the street leading to the church a ditch and traveling it was almost impossible. The long way around was too much for the elderly. The town was growing, but it seemed in the opposite direction ~ away from the pine grove.

Father Mazaret urged the people on when they suggested to move the frame church to a better location because it would be for the betterment of the community, visitors and townspeople alike.

In 1902, the church was moved. It was taken down by sections, marked, and pulled through the winding streets on a wagon. Mr. Perkins, a local builder and carpenter, estimated the construction fee of twenty-five dollars to seventy-five dollars when it was delivered to the corner of Fairmount and Prospect.

This move did not end the plans of Father Mazaret. In the future he envisioned a stone church situated on the front lot, but for the time being, he had an idea for a two-story rectory and school.

Construction was soon underway and by 1904 a new frame building, which housed a rectory and a school was finished. The structure was used for church socials such as ice cream socials and card parties. It sported spacious Verandas and a cross was erected on the point of the roof. A sun burst pattern was designed on the flat front above the church sign. The building was 26 feet by 34 feet and it was situated next to the rectangular church.

Located on the beautiful tree-lined Historic Loop, Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn has been tastefully restored to her original beauty. Residing like a Queen on top of the mountain, her lawns are graced with colorful Dogwood and Red Bud Trees in the Spring and Crimson Maples in the Fall.

Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn is proud to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.